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28 March 2017

Nouvelle traduction : Newsletter n°71 [FR]

Ladies and gentlemen,

Further to the Collective TANY previous issues on the rare earths project in the North-West of Madagascar, please find below the link to a petition launched by the local communities affected and by the neighbouring inhabitants.

It has to be sent

President of the Republic of Madagascar

You can read the text in English language below.

Thanks for signing and disseminating it

The Collective TANY

Subject : Request for suspension of the rare earths project in the Ampasindava peninsula (North West Madagascar) and cancellation of the mining project granted to the company Tantalum Rare Earth’s Madagascar (TREM).


Nosy Be, 9th of march 2017

Your Excellency,

We address this open letter to you respectfully in your capacity as Protector of the rights and liberties of citizens, social groups and organizations.

As representatives of civil society, as well as economic and touristic operators of Nosy Be, we are honored to address you with this petition expressing our profound opposition to the rare earth exploitation project in the Ampasindava peninsula by the company Tantalus Rare Earth Madagascar (TREM), and we ask you to order the suspension of this project, as well as the cancellation of of this company’s mining permit.

Our petition supports the declaration of the platform of civil society organizations in the Diana Region, as well as the petition of communities around the TREM mining project. This is motivated by the reasons set out below :

This rare-earth project, and the way it has been carried out so far, is contrary to international conventions on human rights and environmental protection signed by Madagascar, particularly in regard to marine and coastal ecosystems.

We also dispute the legitimacy of the mining permit granted to TREM by the High Authority of Transition, which was not authorized to make such long-term commitments under the provisions of Roadmap.

Additionally, this project contradicts the strategy of development of Nosy Be and its entire region. This is implemented by the Tourist Development Plan (PDT) and is being developed by the Ministry of Tourism with the support of the World Bank.

So, it is clear from the reports of experts and scientific studies in the use of rare earths that its effects on the environment and public health are catastrophic and irreversible. In the particular case of the Ampasindava Peninsula, this type of mining exploitation is going to :

  • Deplete water resources and jeopardize the survival of dependent communities ;
  • pollute the surrounding marine and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as the protected areas created to safeguard this heritage (Tanikely Marine Park, Ampasindava NAP, Ankivonjy Marine Protected Area, Sahamalaza National Park) ;
  • destroy terrestrial and marine flora and fauna, much of which is endemic to the region and contains some of the most unique species in the world ;
  • destroy the attractiveness of Nosy Be’s major tourist sites by jeopardizing this internationally recognized flagship destination ;
  • threaten the marine assets on which the entire fisheries and tourism economy depends, and supports the majority of the population of the region ;
  • jeopardize the development of local agriculture, particularly the export crops that makes the region famous and is a tourist attraction in the region.

Beyond sectoral and particular interests, what constitutes the foundation of a sustainable vision of development is the safeguarding of unique regions and their exceptional heritage, with respect for human rights and nature and concern for the wellbeing of Madagascar’s people and future generations.

For all these reasons, we join the Platform of civil society organizations in the DIANA region and the communities around the rare earth project to urgently call upon the Government to order the shutdown of this rare earth project.

Mr. President, we are confident that we can count on your strong vision of our country, that you have often expressed, and that is under no circumstances headed in the direction of a country left to desolation.

However, be assured that the stance of all the above speakers is unequivocal, and we rise together on behalf of this region in demanding the abandonment of the rare earth project in its entirety.

With great sincerity and utmost respect,