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25 July 2018
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Newsletter n° 98 [ENG]

The legitimate fight of communities surrounding QMM-Rio Tinto’s mining project to claim compensation for their land is repressed again

Representatives of communities surrounding Mandena’s mining site came to Antananarivo to meet various
national institutions and mobilized the media because 4 of them have been arrested on June, 28. On 5th July,
the Tribunal pronounced a verdict of one-year suspended prison term along with a fine of MGA 1 million, per

The main issue raised for years by communities concerns the compensation of their lands lost to long-term
leases to QMM’s mining project. This has resulted in the loss of their livelihoods and sources of income.

On 03 August 2011, a State Commission composed of the representatives of the Region and the Services of
Land Tenure, Topography, Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering had decided that the amount of the
compensation would be fixed at Ar 3,000 per m2.

Despite this decision, communities have only been compensated on the basis of MGA 500 per m2 on
average. Besides, there had been many complaints regarding the fact that many people have not been
compensated at all ; that the areas registered by QMM have diminished compared to their size measured in
the past, etc…

Thus, because of the lack of satisfying answers to their demands, communities have blocked the road
leading to QMM factory on 29, 30 and 31 May 2018.

In order to resolve this issue, a round table has been held again and a new contract/agreement has been
signed on June 3rd between QMM company, State authorities, communities’ associations and civil society
organizations’ representatives.

Communities affirm that at the beginning of July, at the end of the deadlines mentioned in the above
document, none of the agreed activities has started. Instead of respecting the 03 June contract/agreement,
the QMM company preferred to sue communities in justice for the demonstrations that occurred in May,
and 4 persons have been arrested, tried and punished.

CRAAD-OI and TANY Collective

  • congratulate local communities who managed to mobilize the forces of farmers, breeders, fishermen and beneficial owners, and unite them within the Mpamboly Mitambatra association, the “United Farmers” of Fort Dauphin ;
  • salute the determination of local communities and their perseverance in claiming their rights for nearly ten years now ;
  • support local communities in their search for the realization of various promises, respect for the decision setting compensations at MGA 3,000 per m2, and the application of the 03 June 2018 contract/agreement ;
  • strongly condemn the lawsuit by the QMM company and the repression of communities’ representatives by justice officials ;
  • urge the State and Rio Tinto company – co-shareholders in the QMM company – to satisfy the demands of communities ;
  • call on citizens and human rights defenders at the global level to support the communities surrounding the QMM’s mining site in their fight to defend their livelihoods and sources of income, and to demand respect for their economic, social and cultural rights.

24 July 2018

CRAAD-OI / RSCDA-IO : Centre de Recherches et d’Appui pour les Alternatives de Développement - Océan
Indien/ Research and Support Center for Development Alternatives – Indian Ocean ;

Collectif pour la défense des terres malgaches – TANY (Collective for the Defense of Malagasy Land – TANY) ;