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18 September 2018
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Newsletter n° 104 [ENG]

Local communities in Sahanivotry and surrounding areas oppose construction of a hydroelectric dam by the Italian company HYDELEC / TOZZI GREEN

HYDELEC is the name of the company TOZZI GREEN, a subsidiary company of the Italian group Tozzi Renewable Energy, in the context of its hydroelectric activities. TOZZI GREEN has become famous in Madagascar since 2010 when local communities had been evicted from their land for a project of agrofuel (jatropha) planting, on more than 6,600 ha in the Ihorombe region (1). The failure of its jatropha plantations has led the company to move towards other products growing, mainly corn, on a smaller area (2).

In agreement with the Malagasy State leaders, HYDELEC / TOZZI GREEN is currently planning to build a hydroelectric dam, the construction of which would provoke

  • the flood of 1,987 hectares of rice of corn, taro and potatoes fields,
  • the disappearance of the means of production, the sources of income and the population dwellings,
  • as well as the displacement of thousands of families (3)

in the Vakinankaratra and Amoron’i Mania regions.

The inhabitants of 5 fokontany (*) are threatened by the impacts of the dam construction : those of Farihitsara and Ampamehana, in the commune of Sahanivotry Manandona, those of fokontany Avarabohitra in the commune of Ambohitsimanova, in the District of Antsirabe II, as well as the fokontany of Tatabe and Bemasoandro in Tsarazaza commune, in the Fandriana District.

Determined to defend their lands, their living and working spaces, property they have acquired over several years and the places that house the tombs of their ancestors, the local communities strongly oppose the implementation of this particularly destructive project. Indeed, 98% of them live from agriculture and breeding. They demonstrated together on Thursday August 29, 2018 and invited the media to broadcast their claim for cancellation of the dam project (4).

The residents of the 5 fokontany, who are strongly committed to rejecting this project, are supported by church leaders in the endangered area, and by civil society organizations that have coordinated at the national level to reinforce the capacities of rural communities in their struggle conduct.

The TANY Collective encourages the local communities and the organizations working alongside them in their decision to join forces in order to preserve farmland for peasant families and appeals to human rights and social justice defenders around the world to actively demonstrate their solidarity in claiming the cancellation of this hydroelectric dam project.

Paris, 17 September 2018

The Collective for the Defense of Malagasy Lands – TANY ; ;

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(*) The « fokontany » is the smallest administrative unit in Madagascar, i.e. a hamlet or a village

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