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21 August 2018
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Newsletter n° 100 [ENG]


Members of Amparihibe’s local community (fokonolona), at Andranofotsy rural municipality, district of Maroantsetra, in Analanjirofo region, have problems with their land.

The Mayor and other local authorities plan to remove the land from the community where rice, vanilla, cloves and coffee are grown and where grazing areas and tombs are located.

The concerned area covers 138 hectares.

The authorities’ real motives and objectives are not very clear and still require investigations that are just starting. It seems that the cause of current owners and occupiers’ eviction is a project of moving the inhabitants of neighboring fokontany (*) towards this area. It is not clear why the BNGR (National Office for Risk and Disaster Management) is involved in the case.

A happy new fact, however, gives a little optimism and we want to share it with friends and fellow citizens. The Mayor had previously decided that the community and the owners had no longer the right to access and use these lands. The community had lodged a complaint against this decision and has just won according to the Court’s verdict of August, 14th 2018.

Nevertheless, the problem is far from being sorted out and remains difficult.

The fokonolona filed another complaint that has not yet been the subject of a court decision concerning trees’ felling in the area by people who have already helped themselves. In addition, there is confusion in the land services files. Citizens who fight valiantly for the defense of their land have few forces and means, and are in a rural enclave, far from busy roads and media. Some local authorities send threats to scare those who are trying to spread the facts to the general public.

The Collective for the Defense of Malagasy Lands - TANY calls on all citizens to monitor the events taking place in Amparihibe and to prevent the realization of illegal and unfair projects.

Paris, August 16, 2018

The Collective for the defense of Malagasy lands - TANY ; ;

(*) fokontany, here, means a hamlet. The fokontany is the basic administrative subdivision in Madagascar