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Newsletter n° 51 (English version)

Governance of Tenure: Malagasy Citizens have something to say about proposed legislation
When it comes to writing law, Malagasy political representatives regularly disregard the Constitution in respect to citizens’ right to information1. It is unacceptable that neither the proposed legislation awaiting discussion in the National Assembly, nor these same laws after their ratification are made available to citizens. This practice prohibits the public from participating in debates, expressing (...) (lire la suite)

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Newsletter n° 49 (English version)

Say no to the foreseen eviction of 48 families in Antsiranana
(Diego Suarez, Madagascar)
Following an adverse ruling of the trial court, 48 families are in risk of being evicted in this month of December 2015. Most of them have been living since more than 10 years on these plots which were sold by SEIMAD to the FILATEX Company.
Filatex Company is owned by one of the richest economic operators in Madagascar. It got talked about already in 2014 when 50 families were brutally evicted in (...) (lire la suite)

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