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*CRAAD-OI – Research and Support Centre for Development Alternatives – Indian Ocean

*Collectif pour la défense des terres malgaches – TANY


His Excellency, President of the Republic

Please allow us to alert you about the radioactivity issue regarding the Ranobe site of the Base Toliara project relating to the exploitation of mineralized sands with the view to producing ilmenite, zircon, and rutile in the Atsimo Andrefana region.

As a matter of fact, further to successive meetings with the mining company leaders, local communities who support the implementation of the Base Toliara project and those who ask for its definitive cessation since several years, the Minister of Mines announced on 15 March 2019 that it would be up to you, Mister President, to take the final decision. And since, communities threatened by the potentially disastrous effects of this mining project are waiting for your official declaration on the continuation or the cessation of the project while its proponents continue its activities with more or less arrogance.

Mister President,

The loss of’ lands and of means of subsistence for thousands of farmers and fishers of the region cannot be compensated by the employments that the company declare it would create. Moreover, the devastating impacts of mining operations on an already fragilized environment by the climate change will be unavoidable and irreversible despite efforts to “alleviate and minimize them”. Risks and dangers of high rate of radioactivity in the zircon, which production is planned at the same time as the ilmenite and rutile one cannot be ignored or neglected.

The radioactivity, as not being a visible element, which displacements and impacts cannot be controlled, is circulating at the same time in the air, in the water and in the earth and can penetrate :

- in animals and humans ‘lungs while breathing,

- in the whole human body and in farm animals ’ones through using water for diet and hygiene,

- and through agricultural products meant for daily food.

Its consequences on inhabitants’ health go from necrosis and respiratory diseases to cancer but its effects are also symptomized by newborns ‘congenital malformation. Consequently, its uncontrollable impacts do not only harm the population’s health but also its descendants’ health.

These data on the dangerousness of the radioactivity contained in the zircon of the Ranobe site do not come from public rumors or from a slander but from the results of the feasibility study published by Base Resources, the parent company of Base Toliara, on 21 March 2019. This document specifies that the radioactivity rate will prevent the exportation of zircon to the United States of America and to Japan because of the existing norms relating to radioactivity in these countries (*). Furthermore, researches on the subject demonstrated that countries within the European Union prohibit in their legislation products with such high radioactivity rate.

Mister President of the Republic,

We have no doubt you would agree that the Malagasy people deserve that precautionary and preservation measures for their health and for their lives should be the same as the citizens of the above-mentioned countries. It is unacceptable that the parent company of the Base Toliara project would be authorized to inflict a radioactivity rate to Malagasy citizens that other states prohibit in their countries.

Mister President of the Republic,

Do not make yourself guilty of a serious violation of the rights to health and to life of the neighboring fokonolona of the Ranobe mining project and do respect the oath that you have just renewed before the Pope François and the entire nation.

Do have the courage and the wisdom to decide the definitive cessation of the Base Toliara project.

14 September 2019

*CRAAD-OI – Research and Support Centre for Development Alternatives – Indian Ocean

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*Collectif pour la défense des terres malgaches – TANY

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(*) Toliara Project PFS confirms status as a world-class mineral sands development (page 20) https://www.baseresources.com.au/wp...

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